New – Latest EA Groundwater Levels and Temperature Readings for London Basin Chalk Aquifer

Yesterday saw the  Environment Agency produce their annual report, the 25th such report, on the state of groundwater levels in the Chalk Aquifer beneath London. Intially reports were started in the 1990s to record changing groundwater levels as a result of significant reduction in groundwater abstraction from the mid-1960s.

 This report is essential reading for those dealing with deep sub-structure design, construction, operation and maintenace, the use of Ground Source Heating and Cooling (GSHC) systems and any other groundwater abstraction requirements in London.  Since there is a need to balance the risks that rising groundwater and the re-saturation of the Chalk and overlying deposits could impact the  stability of buildings and tunnels against the risks of falling groundwater levels and de-saturation of the Chalk impacting local abstractors’ ability to abstract groundwater. Furthermore temperture changes within the Aquifer can affect the efficiency of GSHC systems.  In fact temperatures in Chalk Aquifer of the London basin are now typically 2 degrees higher than were recorded in 2005.

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