Why was GEMs developed?

As a Chartered Geotechnical Engineer and a Contaminated Land Specialist working for a Global professional services company,  GEM‘s founder, realised that following the recession more and more was being asked of the Construction Industry. The pressure to be utilised, combined with the demands of undertaking all aspects of the business (winning work, doing work, managing client expectations, project managment , invoicing and debt collection), left very little time for staying on top of the constant flow of changes in legislation and guidance, which have impacted our industry.

Being passionate about Technical Excellence, GEM‘s founder identified that colleagues and clients really appreciated short focussed briefings, which provided an insight into what had changed, and why they might need to know more.   This website has allowed GEM‘s founder to extend her enthusiasm for greater knowledge sharing, by being able to reach a wider audience with her GEMs of information, information which she, with her 26 years of experience in the industry, knows she would want to hear about.

What is GEMs?

GEMs is a community and knowledge sharing website primarily for the geo-environmental and geotechnical community,  but will be of interest to a wider audience including land owners, developers and other construction professionals.

The website is designed to help you:

  • find out about new guidance/legislation and consultations;
  • receive information in a short succinct accessible manner;
  • Be inspired by interviews and reviews;
  • Receive safety GEMs;
  • locate past posts and GEMs briefings;
  • Access safety moments, and short training presentations.

Perhaps most importantly this website provides a focal point for the people in our industry to:

  • be part of a community
  • find information that helps you to do your job
  • discover what it’s like working in different earth science roles
  • make suggestions