New _ UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017: Evidence Report

This month saw the UK Climate Change Commitee (UKCCC) publish the above report; a culmination of three years work by hundreds of leading scientists.  The background to the work can be found in the video below.

The report contains eight Technical Chapters with Chapters 3, 4 and 5 likely to be of most interest to readers of this posting :

  1. Introduction

  2. Approach and context

  3.  Natural environment and natural assets 

  4.  Infrastructure 

  5.  People and the built environment 
  6. Business and industry

  7. International dimensions

  8. Cross-cutting issues

Not surprisingly the report is substantial with over 2,000 pages but fortunately to make this more accessible the UKCC have created a web page with links to the 50 page synthesis of the full report, national summaries for England, Scotland, Wales & NI, individual Technical Chapters, factsheets, infographics and more.

Regardless of our technical interest and leanings as set out in the video below the report has identified a number of findings that could impact us all and it will be interesting to see what the Government’s response to this report will be.  The report does come with a rider that it was “written before the results of the EU Referendum were known. Leaving the European Union is unlikely to change the overall scale of current and future risks from climate change, but in some areas it may affect policies and programmes important to address climate-related vulnerabilities.”