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These are my terms and conditions for use of this website and also the nature to which GeoEnvMatters is providing professional advice to you the End User.


The Geo-Environmental Matters website is designed to provide a knowledge hub and community for scientists and engineers, all who have a shared interest in earth science whether as a resource, a construction medium and/or a profession.

This information is provided and distributed to be useful to the reader, with the understanding that neither the authors, nor other individuals/companies who have contributed to the material, or Geo –Environmental Matters, is thereby engaged in rendering a specific legal or any other professional service. Whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy, it is not specific legal or professional advice, nor is it a replacement for reading referenced guidance and legislation in its entirety.  Legislation and guidance primarily has an English focus although, at times, references are made to other jurisdictions such as the rest of the UK, Europe and USA but only for context and/or interest.

Over time, guidance and legislation changes and it is possible for information, particularly older posts, to be incomplete, contain errors or be out of date.  Geo-Environmental Matters will update the website periodically but users should verify any information obtained from this site before acting upon it.

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The community element of this website is currently under construction and as the website develops these terms and conditions will, from time to time, be updated.

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Terms and conditions May 2016.

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