Find out about Geo Careers

Wondering whether you would like a geoscience/ geo-engineering career or perhaps you are thinking about a change in career. Find out more here with links to interviews and talks about different opportunities to work in geoscience. There are many options available. Just check out the Geological Society (Geol Soc) Poster below for the areas of work now and in the future where geoscience can and does play a pivotal role in society.

The GeolSoc ‘Geoscience for the Future Poster’ available to download here

For a broad overview of careers in geology go to:

To hear about those already enjoying a career in contaminated land check out the following videos

Consultant Career Path: Assess the suitability of a site for redevelopment and guide companies through environmental liabilities.
Contractor Career Path: Investigate and clean up contaminated sites.
Lecturer Career Path: Carry out research and prepare students to think critically while teaching them about environmental processes
Regulator Career Path: Specialise in environmental management overseeing how construction may affect it.

Thinking of a geotechnical career why not check out this Federation of Piling Specialists video