Where can I find a gallery of asbestos in soils images?

One of the main purposes of CIRIA’s recently launched ‘Asbestos Site Aid’ in providing support to frontline construction workers who may encounter asbestos in soils and made ground was to give access to a wealth of asbestos in soils images. Curated by James MacFarlane of Hydrock as part of CIRIA’s Research Team, these photographs have been sourced from across industry and show examples of the most common asbestos containing materials (ACMs) spotted within soil.

There is a description of each type of ACM and information on where it can be found/where it was used. While it is acknowledged that ACM may be suspected only until proven by laboratory testing the App does aid in ‘spotting’ visible possible ACMs in soils which are often obscured due to being found out of context, fragmented/distorted, degraded, discoloured often blending -in with the soil matrix. With most on-line galleries such as the HSE’s showing only ACMs in their original form and condition this App has to be a welcome addition to the recent portfolio of guidance and supporting tools for managing the risks from asbestos in soils. For more information on the APP and how to purchase please visit the CIRIA website at