Progress your career in land contamination by becoming a Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC)

A recognition of competence under the LCRM Guides

Becoming a SiLC is the natural progression, once chartered, that recognises your commitment to quality and raising standards, expertise and professionalism within the industry.

The Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) Register Limited works to maintain and improve the quality of the work done by professionals within the brownfield investigation and regeneration industry. You would be joining a community that is well respected in their commitment to not only their careers but also the environment, health and future of generations to come in the redevelopment of derelict and brownfield sites.

Planning policies and decisions should ensure that: …..adequate site investigation information, prepared by a competent person, is available to inform these assessments.

National Planning Policy Framework (2023) Clause 183 (c)

A SiLC is not expected to be an expert in all fields but is recognised as having a high degree of experience and competency in land assessment. The registration provides a high standard of credentials to regulators, potential employers and clients that gives them confidence in your skills and abilities.

How can you get registered?

You can directly apply by completing an application form, after which if successful you will be required to undertake a SiLC exam, an individual written submission and peer interview. However, it is recommended to all those considering applying that you attend an ‘Introduction Day‘ to gain more understanding on both the scheme and the assessment process.

Those attending an Introduction Day not only save money on the Application Fees but are more likely to be successful in achieving SiLC status

Claire Dickinson ( SiLC PTP Member)

Not quite ready, then why not join the Affiliate Scheme?

For those who are perhaps not ready to apply to become a Registered SiLC there is an Affiliate Scheme to guide and mentor you through your journey to becoming one.

If you would like to hear more about the affiliate scheme and what registered SiLC’s think about their careers in land contamination do watch this video: