Updated _ UK GOV Web pages showing Land contamination: technical guidance

Those on JISCmail will no doubt already seen Theresa Cory’s message drawing attention to the now sparsely populated UK Government’s webpage on Land contamination:technical guidance.  This page annouces that “Some documents from the 1990s which aren’t used now have been withdrawn. The collection is now grouped more clearly and the messaging has been removed from this collection because all of the important information is now in https://www.gov.uk/guidance/land-contamination-risk-management which has been brought into this collection.” Unfortunately there is no list of what has been withdrawn and many still current and useful documents have simply disappeared. Fortunately many of these publications which have been of value to our industry are now being hosted at http://www.claire.co.uk/information-centre/water-and-land-library-wall, and if you have not visited this resource it is worth doing so.