New_ CIRIA’s Asbestos in soil and made ground good practice site guide (C765)

Officially launched at the end of January and already topping CIRIA’s booksales, this short A5 site guide is a “gem” in the suite of asbestos soils guidance with its easy to understand flow charts for deciding whether works would be licensed, non licensed or notifiable non-licensed. Whilst this document is “short” compared to other recently published asbestos in soils guidance documents, it is acknowledged that some in the industry would have liked to have seen it shorter still.

However, having used this publication the format allows quick access to key information relevant for dealing with asbestos in soils on-site. It does not replace CIRIA C733 but rather focuses on the practical managment of asbestos containing soils in the field  and is targeted at all site workers who may expected or unexpectedly come into contact with, or who are required to manage, soils that have the potential to contain asbestos.  This guide also takes account of the JIWG’s CAR-SOILTM Guidance published by CL:AIRE last year with references and links to this and other useful publications and tools.

Copies of the site guide can be purchased from CIRIA at