British Drilling Association Urges Main Contractors to Ensure Subcontractor Drilling Compliance

Following in the wake of recent survey findings indicating lack of knowledge of relevant Technical Standards for the drilling industry (EC7), The British Drilling Association (BDA) is urging main contractors to check and ensure compliance of its drilling contractors and avoid issues of safety, quality and best practice.

Concern about drilling subcontractor compliance comes as a UK survey into the Ground Investigation Industry, run jointly by The Association of Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Specialists (AGS) and The British Drilling Association (BDA) highlights a lack of knowledge of Eurocode 7, the technical standards for the industry.

Chair of BDA, Anne Baxter _ courtesy and copyright BDA

Anne Baxter, Chair of the BDA, commented: “It is of concern that there is work being carried out without applying the relevant technical standards, which puts not only competence but quality into question.

As the BDA’s mission statement says, its members are dedicated to improving standards in health and safety, quality of workmanship and technical proficiency and this includes committing to the application of technical standards that are safe. The BDA Audit, which is undertaken by an increasing number of companies, is proof of a member’s competence and we would urge main contractors to place the holding of this as an important differentiator and proof of their abilities.”

The BDA have also taken the proactive step of introducing a ‘Quality Matters’ roadshow, with the support of the CITB, which is now well underway, with presentations being made already to groups including Arup, Highways England, Tideway, in addition to geotechnical student groups. Transport Scotland has also confirmed its interest in receiving the presentation.  Initiatives such as this all help reinforce the importance of  the adherence to technical standards as well as promoting more general areas such as drilling operations compliance; the importance and understanding of appropriate qualifications; obtaining quality samples; best practice; membership criteria; industry representation and the BDA Audit and CPD.

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