Updated _ HSE’s EH60 Nickel and its inorganic compounds: Health hazards and precautionary measures

During November, the HSE published the third edition of EH60, an environmental hygiene guidance note that draws attention to the possible health hazards which could result from occupational exposure to nickel and its inorganic compounds.

Primarily these health risks relate to breathing in or having skin contact with various forms of nickel. The document also provides updated information on the specified classifications and associated hazard statements for various forms of nickel and gives advice on methods to control exposure.

As with all HSE published guidance this document is available for download from the HSE site at http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/eh60.pdf.  If you are involved with remediation and/or decontamination of nickel contaminated sites then please do make sure you are using this latest version when undertaking any occupationl risk assessments.