Mind the Edge!

Opening tension cracks, crumbling cliff edges, coastal landslips often influenced by the increasingly common effects of climate change of heavy rainfall and high tides/tidal surges are regular events for our island nation.  Throw a little good weather into the mix and what happens….just have a look at the pictures taken, as folks enjoy our recent spell of good weather, along the Seven Sisters in Sussex, in a Daily Mail article titled  “Topless ‘idiots’ and sun-worshippers risk their lives by balancing on the edge of a crumbling cliff 200ft above jagged rocks”.  Only earlier this year there was a substantial landslip where 10metres of cliff were lost as can be seen in the video below.

However dangers lurk at the base of the cliff as well as above and choosing where to  sit on the beach this summer could be equally risky.  Individual falling rocks can be just as fatal as a more substantial cliff collapse.  Whilst most people reading this post will be well aware of the risks, it is not common knowledge so why not share this safety moment with friends, family and collegues who are not so well informed.  To help you, as shown below, BGS Wales have produced a video on how to keep safe at the coast this summer.