Key Draft Standards Available to Review

Prior to the publication of a “Standard” whether an ISO, EN or BS these are available to review at

This month there are a number of key geotechnical standards available for review including:

  • ENISO 14688-1 Geotechnical in­vestigation and­ testing — Identification and ­classification ­of soil — Part ­1: Identificati­on and descript­ion
  • EN ISO 14688-2 Geotechnical in­vestigation and­ testing – Iden­tification and ­classification ­of soil – Part ­2: Principles f­or a classification
  • EN ISO 14689-1 Geotechnical in­vestigation and­ testing – Identification and ­classification ­of rock Part 1:­ Identification­ and descriptio­n

Anyone can log in, review the draft standard and make comments.  As much of our industry is governed by standards this is a key opportunity to help drive technical excellence. Why not take the opportunity and have your say? Comments deadline for the above soils standards is 31 July 2016 and 1 August 2016 for the above rock standard.