What do you think of CL:AIRE’s Register of Materials? And have you got 2 minutes?

If so, CL:AIRE is seeking views on their Register of Materials as they are considering improving and updating it and would value your input.  To this end they have created a very quick and simple questionnaire which can be found at https://goo.gl/46YkYo. The questionannire is structured so that you can provide feedback on the existing register and provide  a steer as to what improvements could be made.

There is no doubt that with the volume of construction soils still going to landfill that we could all do better.  Having  a visibly live, easily accessible and more effective Register of Material with a vibrant network of users could reinforce the work already done by CL:AIRE to encourage the diversion of soils away from landfilling through the Definition of Waste: Code of Practice.