Different Mobile Plant Standard Rules for Landspreading apply in England and Wales now!

Earlier this month the Environment Agency drew attention to the fact that with the new standard rules permits launched in January 2017 (applicable to existing permits from April – see previous GEMs posting at https://geoenvmatters.com/updated_standard-rule-permits-no-4-5-and-17-apply-to-existing-permits-from-6-april-2017/), these only apply to England.  This means that the Welsh equivalents are now different.  A Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) has been uploaded on to www.gov.uk setting out how Welsh Standard Rules Permit Holders may apply to use mobile plant for landspreading activities in England and vice versa.  To view this RPS please go to https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/use-mobile-plant-for-landspreading-in-england-or-wales-rps-203/use-mobile-plant-for-landspreading-in-england-or-wales-rps-203.