Waste Misclassification – Don’t get caught out!

Landfill Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) are not relevant to hazardous waste classification.
A WAC test will not identify whether a waste is hazardous or non-hazardous.

Yes the above appears in the number one spot for  waste classification common errors and misconceptions in the guidance entitled “Misclassification of waste – and how you can avoid it” published on CIWN’s website this month.

This guidance was produced by Waste Industry Group on Waste Classification comprising experts nominated by ESA and CIWM, plus representatives of the Environment Agency.Its objectives are to:
  • Promote consistent interpretation and application of waste classification, in line with Environment Agency guidance WM3
  • Identify where and how to improve technical competence in waste classification

Dealing with 11 common errors this guidance is easy to read, presented  in a tabulated format , colour coded to highlight the error being described, the reason why the error is wrong and what should be done instead.  If you are involved in waste classification GEMs strongly recommends you take a look at this guidance and make sure you are not suffering from some of the more common misconceptions.  To download the guidance please go to http://www.esauk.org/reports_press_releases/esa_reports/Misclassification_of_waste.pdf.