Update to EA’s Groundwater Protection: Principles and practice (GP3)

The Environment Agency (EA) has just published “The Environment Agency’s approach to groundwater protection” March 2017 version 1.0. It contains position statements which provide information for different sectors about the Environment Agency’s approach to managing and protecting groundwater. Sectors included but are not limited to infrastructure, land contamination, landfill, cemetary developments, ground source heat pumps and mining induced pollution.  Each position statement addresses how the Environment Agency delivers government policy for groundwater and adopts a risk-based approachwhere legislation permits. The document highlights that under certain circumstances the EA may consider a relaxation from a position statement, subject of course, to the submission of suitable evidence and a risk assessment. It also indicates that any local relaxation decision would not set a precedent for the general applicability of the position statements. This document can be downloaded at https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/598778/LIT_7660.pdf and is essential reading to those who have current or proposed activities that could impact on the groundwater table.