Leaving your excavation open overnight? Is it adequately signed and secure?

As we all know health and safety  must be assessed on a site specific basis. Security of open excavations has to take account of the risks of pedestrians and vehicles entering the excavation. A recent court case has higlighted how inadequate assessment of these risks can lead to serious consequences with a Container Terminal being fined for a worker inadvertently driving his straddle carrier into a large excavation at the docks.  Whilst there was some signage, apparently, according to the HSE press release, looking down from his cab, the driver did not see the road cones, small flashing lights or the ticker tape around the excavation because it was dark and the weather conditions were poor. The straddle carrier, a vehicle used in the port terminal for stacking and moving freight shipping containers, toppled over and the worker suffered life changing injuries.  To read the whole of this press  release please go to http://press.hse.gov.uk/2017/container-terminal-in-court-after-worker-injured/?ebul=hsegen&cr=2/22-feb-17.