Government seeks applications for £10m fund to restore peatland

Did you know peatland in England provides 70 per cent of the country’s drinking water and stores more than 3.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide?  Covering 11% of the country they also provide key bird habitats as well as helping reduce the impacts of climate change by such as food risk by slowing rain water flow.  According the Government’s annucement as much as four fifths of our peatland is in need of restoration.  Given their value to society the government is seeking to fund schemes that restore upland and lowland peatlands, create habitats for vulnerable wildlife, reduce flood risk by slowing rain water flow and increase carbon capture.  Not surprisngly bids with the greatest potential to maximise environmental benefits and deliver better value for money will be favoured. The closing date for applications will be 20 November 2017 and applications need to be made via Defra’s e-tendering platform.  For more information and the relevant link please go to