Updated Guidance for the Design & Lifting of Cages

The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) has released a new revision of its Guidance Note – β€œThe Design for Splicing and Lifting of Pre-Fabricated and Site Fabricated Reinforcement Cages for Piling and Walling Works.”

According to their press release, this new revision outlines current best practice in relation to the design and lifting of pre-fabricated reinforcement cages and site fabricated reinforcement cages for piling and walling works, as well as providing guidance on choosing proprietary systems of cage splicing to avoid any issues. There is also a section on lifting light cages.

The latest version of this guidance together with cage safety checklists for piles and diaphragm walls can be downloaded at http://www.fps.org.uk/fps/guidance/technical/technical.php.