S4ULs and US EPA’s Toxicological Review of Benzo[a]pyrene

Although some months have passed since the US EPA published online their finalised toxicological review dated 19 January 2017 it is only recently that LQM have provided an update as to what effect, if any this Review should have on the current published LQM/CIEH S4UL values[1]  A copy of LQM’s evaluation of this Review can be found at http://www.lqm.co.uk/latest/2017/04/lqm-evaluation-of-the-updated-toxicological-review-of-benzoapyrene-usepa-2017/.

Essentially the LQM evaluation provides some context on the US EPA Review and how the draft of this Review was considered when the S4ULs were being derived.  It then goes on to consider the now final published Review in the light of applicability to the UK’s approach to using toxicological information in human health risk assessments.  Ultimately LQM consider that “in the absence of re-evaluation by an authoritative UK body, to adopt more stringent toxicological health criteria values, the IDs underpinning the current S4UL remain the most appropriate for use in UK human health risk assessments intended to demonstrate “minimal or tolerable” levels of risk.”

If you are interested in knowing more about how these changes may affect clean-up in the United States then Geosyntec Consultants have provided a helpful online regulatory update that can be found at https://www.geosyntec.com/news-and-events/item/5202-regulatory-update-u-s-epa-updates-toxicity-values-for-benzo-a-pyrene.

[1] Nathanail,C.P., McCaffrey,C., Gillet,A.G, Ogden, R.C and Nathanail, J. F. 2015. The LQM/CIEH S4UL’s for Human Health Risk Assessment. Land Quality Press. Nottingham.