First HSE Guidance on Asbestos in Soils- Consultation ( now closed, originally published October 2015)

Whilst Chairing CIRIA’s sellout “Asbestos in Soils” Conference in Birmingham last week, Dr Martin Gibson (HSE) informed us that the ‘Asbestos: The Analysts’ Guide 2016 HSG248’ would be published for consultation this week. However, even armed with this knowledge, it has been a challenge tracking it down, so if you have not found it either, just follow the link below. Whilst there is a dedicated chapter and appendix to surveying, sampling and analysis of soils and madeground for the asbestos it is worth searching for the word ‘soil’ as there are other references throughout the document.

I am sure the industry will welcome this fresh approach to incorporating guidance for asbestos in soils, and will be particularly interested to review the implications of advice regarding what should trigger a site survey or risk assessment under CAR 2012, and the numbers of samples to be taken in such surveys. Suggestions and comments on this draft should be made to HSE by 20 November using the appropriate forms and email address as set out on the cover of the document. So if you want to see what’s coming and have your say please go to: