Updated_ Historic England Advice on Land Contamination and Archaeology

Often there are potentially conflicting demands between the management of land contamination issues and archaeological remains which may be a receptor, a source of contamination or a pathway for the transfer of contamination to another part of a site. With ever increasing redevelopment of brownfield sites Historic England has updated their guidance on Guidance on Assessing the Risk Posed by Land Contamination and its Remediation on Archaeological Resource Management, Science Report P5-077/SR, published in 2003 by English Heritage and the Environment Agency. Published on 1 February 2017, this updated guidance, entitled ‘Land Contamination and Archaeology, Good Practice Guidance,’ raises awareness of the need to consider archaeology during land contamination assessment and management. A copy of the document can be downloaded from the Historic England website at https://content.historicengland.org.uk/images-books/publications/land-contamination-and-archaeology/heag096-land-contamination-and-archaeology.pdf/